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Nikiszowiec, the hidden gem in Katowice

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Nikiszowiec, the hidden gem of Katowice, is likely to become a top tourist destination. This architecturally unique place attracts visitors, artists and filmmakers with its magic atmosphere, outdoor-scenery and irresistible appeal. This is the place to feel the spirit of Silesia and travel back in time to its industrial past…

Nikiszowiec was built between 1908-1911 as a housing estate for the workers employed in the nearby coal mine. The complex comprises 9 redbrick blocks of flats, each with its own courtyard. There are also public buildings such as post office, shops, bakery, restaurant, hospital, two schools, old laundrette and mangle. The neo-Baroque church of st Anne, located in the very heart of Nikiszowiec, features beautiful organs and stained glass windows.

The complex is visited by a growing number of foreign visitors, who are not discouraged by the lack of basic tourist facilities. However, with a increasing interest in post-industrial architecture, the local authorities have decided to renovate Nikiszowiec so that it will be more attractive and safe for tourists. They also took steps to register this unique complex as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If the plans to revitalize the area are successful, Nikiszowiec will certainly become one of the key tourist sites in Katowice and Silesia. Hopefully, this little redbrick town will soon come back to life…

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Jack Darwood, Basingstoke, UK, 2011-02-07
Heard good things 'bout this place and I'm very disappointed. The food is so so, service is lazy and kinda 'gay' and... prices are far to high. [...]
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