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Type: Restaurant
Location: city centre
Cuisine: Polish

Address: Staromiejska 5, Katowice
Tel: +48 32 203 74 13
Opening hours: 10 - 22

The ''Tatiana'' Restaurant is a cosy eatery with an interior designed by an informal group of fine artists, musicians and architects. The decor, mainly made from with wood and flowers, makes the site warm and home-like in the Russian style. The menu consists of a wide variety of tasty dishes. One can choose from cold and hot appetizers, meat and poultry dishes, pasta dishes and salads. If not stuffed after a large portion of veal or pork, one can have a cake and a hot/cold beverage. Beer and stronger boozes are also on offer. Cosy and warm atmosphere!
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Latest Review
reviewed by Jack Darwood from Basingstoke, UK on 2011-02-07
Heard good things 'bout this place and I'm very disappointed. The food is so so, service is lazy and kinda 'gay' and... prices are far to high.
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