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Beskidy Mountains

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Beskids - Ideal Recreation Spot

The region of Silesia, so commonly associated with industrial infrustructure and densely populated towns, has more to offer to locals and tourists alike. In the southern part of the Silesian voivodship there is the wooded range of the Beskidy Mountains. Its western part, within the boundaries of the Silesian voivodship, is called the Silesian Beskids. This long range of gentle slopes with scenic villages at their foot is an ideal venue for weekend outings and long term holidays. Thanks to the picturesque scenery, a dense network of hiking routes, well-developed tourist infrastructure and easy access by the Katowice-Wisla motorway, the Beskids are an attractive recreational destination.

Beskids Mountains PolandThe Beskids are not only famous for their mountain tops but for the picturesque villages situated in the valleys of the Vistula and other rivers as well. The most famous ones include Ustron and Wisla. Though the former has been recently renowned as a home town of the world-famous ski jumper, Adam Malysz, both towns are well-known health resorts with spa waters. They are perfect both for active hikers, who can spend their leisure walking or cycling along the marked trails, and for those who are not fit enough or do not feel like hiking. Chief attractions of the area also include chair lifts to the most popular mountain tops (Czantoria, Palenica), a gondola lift to Szyndzielnia, museums, cinemas and other cultural hubs. Moreover, if one wants to relax, the streets of Wisla and Ustron are lined with cafes and restaurants serving delicious regional meals.

Other villages and towns of the Beskids like Brenna, Szczyrk, Bystra, Istebna, Koniakow and Jaworzynka are less crowded and equally attractive to peace-and-quiet seeking holidaymakers. As the regional folklore is well preserved here, these are the villages worth seeing if interested in getting to know the outfit, music, dialect and traditions of the highlanders of the Beskids, called the Gorale.

 Beskids - Mecca for Hikers and Skiers
The versatile attractions of the Beskids make it an ideal tourist destination which is worth visiting throughout the year. Weather permitting, a lot of hikers walk along the marked trails, the main of which, called 'the Main Trail of the Beskids'' (Glowny Szlak Beskidzki) crosses the summits of major summits of the Beskidy range. As winter comes, the Beskids attract loads of snowboarders and skiers. Wisla and Szczyrk are major skiing resorts. The former with its over 20 ski lifts, several skiing routes and three ski jumps is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. Szczyrk, with the highest peak of Skrzyczne, accessible by a two-stage chair lift is also very popular with skiers. Skiing enthusiasts can enjoy 60 km of downhill skiing slopes, 28 ski lifts and a snowboard centre. Other parts of Beskidy, like Babia Gora, Kubalonka, Czantoria and Soszow, are also famous for their skiing infrastructure.

Come here in any time of year. You will not be bored!

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