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Type: Club
Location: outer town
Music style: Jazz/Blues

Address: Zelazna 9, Katowice
Tel: 48 32 760 90 02
URL: htttp://
Opening hours: 15 - 3

The ''Mega Club'', located on the premises of the Baildon Steelworks, is one of the oldest clubs in the Silesian agglomeration. It is also one of the leading concert clubs in Poland. With its unique ambience and club concerts, which have been held here since 1993, the Mega Club has been attracting thousands of young people. So far lots of top Polish and foreign musicians performing various kinds of music have played at the Mega Club. Apart from concerts, the Club also organizes photography and fine arts exhibitions to promote young independent artists. There are loads of concerts to choose from to cater for the all the tastes. There are also regular music feasts, called ''Hot Fridays'', for lovers of rap, house, dance, r'n'b, funk, classics and other types of music.
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