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Polish Jura Chain - Tourists' Paradise

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The region of Silesia, though full of industrial centres, abounds in tourist attractions. One of them is the Cracow - Czestochowa Jurassic Upland Chain situated on the border of the Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodships. The area, also referred to as the Polish Jura Chain, is an 80-km-long range of Jurassic limestone hills of the altitude between 300 – 515 meters.

The unique terrain relief, with its limestone rocks, valleys, cliffs and other Jurassic-related rock formations, made the Polish Jurassic Rock Upland a perfect venue for erecting fortified castle complexes. Hence, in the 15th century following the order issued by Kazimierz the Great, King of Poland, castles were built on large and tall Polish Jura Chain rocks. Some of them have been preserved till the present day, either as fortified structures or castle ruins.

The series of 25 medieval castles, spread along the picturesque 163-kilometre-long route from Czestochowa to Cracow, has been organised into a marked tourist track commonly known as the Eagle Nests Trail (Szlak Orlich Gniazd). Of all the ''Eagle Nests'' two are most famous: the Ogrodzieniec Castle, situated on the highest peak of the Cracow - Czestochowa Jurassic Upland, and the Renaissance Castle of Pieskowa Skala in the Ojcowski National Park.

The unique terrain relief of the Polish Jura Chain makes the area attractive to hikers, rock climbers, quad riders and cyclists. As there are more things to do, approximately as many as 400,000 tourists visit the Cracow - Czestochowa Jurassic Upland Chain annually. One can choose from a wide selection of great tourist attractions. For active leisure enthusiasts there are 15 hiking trails, 8 caves, the Bledow Desert and 19 nature reserves. Those who do not feel fit enough to climb the Polish Jura Chain hills can enjoy themselves visiting the Eagle Nests Trail castles or contemplating on the beauty of the Jurassic landscape.

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