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Restaurant, city centre
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Pustynia Bledowska

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Type: Have fun...
Location: outer town

Address: between Klucze and Dabrowa Gornicza, northeast of Katowice

Pustynia Bledowska (Bledowska Desert), called "Polish Sahara", is located about 40 km from Katowice, on the border of Slaska and Olkuska Upland. It was created by a melting glacier during Ice Age. It covers 32 square kilometers and is the biggest area of quicksands in Poland and one of the largest in central Europe. During WWII the desert was used by the German Afrika Korps for training before deployment in Africa. To get there from Katowice, you need to get to Sosnowiec, then to Olkusz, and finally to Chechlo.
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