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Ordering a Taxi in Katowice

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The best idea is either to take a taxi operated by one of the taxi corporations from a taxi rank or order one by phone or by sending an SMS message. Their names and telephone numbers are usually displayed on the car. The corporations usually do not charge any extra money for this online order call. Some even offer discounts on online taxi calls. The rate per kilometre depends on the distance and the time of day and week. The fare is usually higher after 10 p.m., on Sundays and on public holidays.

Here comes a list of registered taxi corporations of Katowice, their phone numbers and websites:

Tele taxi Karolina Katowice
96 22 / (+48 32) 2010101
free of charge: 0800427272
sms 505 00 9622
Taxi Rondo Katowice
96 26 / (+48 32) 2052626
free of charge: 0800135050
(+48 32) 201 42 00
free of charge: 0800100248
sms 506 700 945
info in English
96-27 / (+48 32) 2037777

(+48 32) 209 09 09

If one is interested in taking a taxi to/from the Katowice International Airport, the transportation services are offered by AWOS Airport Facility.
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Map of Katowice

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