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Silesian Dialect

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Not only cuisine, but the dialect of Silesia is part of the cultural heritage of Upper Silesia as well. The distinctive way of vowel pronunciation, sentence intonation and separate vocabulary set distinguish the language spoken by the people of Silesia from that used in the other regions of Poland.

The dialect of Silesia is regarded as one of the most archaic of all the Polish dialects. Though it has its local variants, the Silesians though coming from different parts of the extensive region of Silesia, can understand one another.

As the dialect is an essential part of the rich cultural heritage of Silesia, a lot of steps are taken to prevent it from getting forgotten. Since 1989, the fall of Communism, there has been a flourishing tendency of re-birth of interest in the Silesian culture, dialect and history. The Katowice branch of the Polish Radio, seated in the capital city of Upper Silesia, is among the most famous contributors to the revival of the interest in Silesian dialect. There are regular broadcasts given in the Silesian dialect. Moreover, to encourage the Silesians to popularize their dialect and preserve it for the future generations, the ''As We say it, that is in the Silesian Dialect'' (''Po naszymu, czyli po slasku) Competition is held each year under the auspices of the Katowice Polish Radio. Last but not least, the Upper Silesian Association (Zwiazek Gornoslaski) also hosts two cultural events promoting the deep-rooted traditions and music of the region.

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