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Industrial Monuments Route of Silesian Voivodship

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Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodship consists of as many as 29 facilities which were crucial for the development of industry in the historical past of Silesia. These are the main relics of the industrialization process which the region witnessed starting from the 18th century. Since then the landscape of Silesia has been permanently changed with mine shafts, foundry furnaces, power station chimneys, brewery and factory chimneys, etc. as its part. Most of them have been preserved till the present day and have become historical structures.

The industrial monuments which have been organized into the historic route are scattered all over the Silesian Voivodship. Namely, they are situated in the following towns of the region: Bielsko-Biala, Bytom, Czestochowa, Gliwice, Karchowice, Katowice, Laziska Gorne, Myslowice, Pszczyna, Radzionkow, Ruda Slaska, Rudy, Rybnik, Sosnowiec, Tarnowskie Gory, Tychy, Ustron, Zabrze and Zywiec.

While going along the Industrial Monuments Route one can choose from a wide variety of attractions. There are interesting museums, e.g. the Museum of the Production of Matches in Czestochowa, Brewing Museum in Tychy, Central Fire Service Museum in Myslowice, Museum of Electrical Energy in Laziska Gorne, the Museum of Bread in Radzionkow, Museum of the Silesian Press in Pszczyna.

If interested in the mining history and traditions of Silesia, one can go to Zabrze (the ''Krolowa Luiza'' Open Air Mining Museum and the Museum of Coal Mining), Rybnik (''Ignacy'' Historic Mine), Katowice (Giszowiec Miners' Settlement) and Tarnowskie Gory (Historical Mine of Silver Ores and the Black Trout Adit).

To those who would rather go for sightseeing the railway-related facilities, the Industrial Monuments Route has a lot to offer. There is the Museum of Railway History in Czestochowa.
As there are long traditions connected with the narrow gauge railway, there are two Antique Railway Stations: one in Rudy and the other one in Bytom, which offer rides on the historic trains.

As there are more industrial facilities worth seeing while going along the Industrial Monuments Route, come here to discover it!

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