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Nikiszowiec, the hidden gem in Katowice

Nikiszowiec, the hidden gem of Katowice, is likely to become a top tourist destination. This architecturally unique place attracts visitors, artists and filmmakers with its magic atmosphere, outdoor-scenery and irresistible appeal. This is the place to feel the spirit of Silesia and travel back in time to its industrial past…Nikiszowiec was [...]

Industrial Monuments Route of Silesian Voivodship

Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodship consists of as many as 29 facilities which were crucial for the development of industry in the historical past of Silesia. These are the main relics of the industrialization process which the region witnessed starting from the 18th century. Since then the landscape of [...]

Top Attractions of Upper Silesia

Silesia, a highly industrialized area, abounds in historical sights, where both tourists and locals can learn more on the history and culture of the region. There are also a lot of recreation areas which offer a lot of attractions. Top ones, worth paying a visit to, have been listed below. As [...]

Polish Jura Chain - Tourists' Paradise

The region of Silesia, though full of industrial centres, abounds in tourist attractions. One of them is the Cracow - Czestochowa Jurassic Upland Chain situated on the border of the Silesian and Lesser Poland voivodships. The area, also referred to as the Polish Jura Chain, is an 80-km-long range of Jurassic [...]

Katowice - Modernism Inspired City

Characteristics of Modernism in Katowice ArchitectureIn the inter-war period the Silesian voivodship was the richest region in Poland. Its major city, Katowice, was one of the only two sites in Poland (Gdynia being the other one) where, following the modernist credo ''Form follows functions'', impressive modernist edifices were erected. The modernism [...]

Black Madonna's Jasna Gora Sanctuary in Czestochowa

Czestochowa, frequently referred to as the Spiritual Capital of Poland, is situated north-east of Katowice in the very heart of the region of Silesia. The city is mainly famous for its Jasna Gora (Bright Mountain) Sanctuary with the renowned icon of the Black Madonna. The origins of the site date back [...]

Beskidy Mountains

Beskids - Ideal Recreation Spot The region of Silesia, so commonly associated with industrial infrustructure and densely populated towns, has more to offer to locals and tourists alike. In the southern part of the Silesian voivodship there is the wooded range of the Beskidy Mountains. Its western part, within the boundaries of [...]

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Jack Darwood, Basingstoke, UK, 2011-02-07
Heard good things 'bout this place and I'm very disappointed. The food is so so, service is lazy and kinda 'gay' and... prices are far to high. [...]
Map of Katowice

Map of Katowice

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